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I grew up in a Christian household and did the usual like going going to Sunday School every week and then as I got older the two services.

I gave my life to Jesus when I was 12 years old but didn’t get baptised until I was 40 but more on that shortly.

When I hit seventeen, I went through the rebellious stage and started dating, drinking, smoking pot and getting into bikes and heavy metal eventually being arrested at 17 years for drug possession. This was the start of moving away from how I had been brought up as a Christian. Most of my church friends had actually turned away from faith earlier in their lives.

I moved to London. UK when I was 18 to work in a large hotel chain as a trainee manager. Being away at that age in a big city was mad and I soon fell into clubbing, drinking and girls. I moved to various locations and hotels within the company and ended up working and training as a chef where the drinking and partying got heavier.

Eventually I moved back to my home town where I ended up meeting someone who would become my first wife. We had our first daughter out of wedlock and despite my girlfriend and I not really having much in common and arguing constantly plus we kept on splitting up, we eventually tied the knot. We then had our second daughter and remained as a family for twelve years. It was during that time that I came back to the Lord just like the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 v 11-32 and got baptised.

It was during this time in the 90’s that I started getting into network marketing with a well known British company but it did involve going around posting catalogues through doors and then going back a couple of days later to find either a dog had chewed, they were soaking wet if rain had fallen OR they had been binned. Also we had to talk to people about the business opportunity which I hated as I was very shy when I was sober. I did make quite a bit of money but couldn’t build a big enough team to be able to quit my job as there were a lot of other distributors in the area or coming from outside of it.

Arguments were creeping back in with my wife as I was spending most of my time trying to build the business instead of quality time with her and our children. Also at this time the internet was in its infancy and mail order was the big thing. I had seen an advert for licensing products and was very intrigued by what the guy was saying. So I sent off for the package and a few days later the CD’s arrived. From then on it was a case of re-branding and posting CD’s to customers as downloads hadn’t been invented then. Then came videos to DVD’s followed by ebooks.

Although I was making money, again it wasn’t enough to give up my job and this HUGELY frustrated me as I was seeing all these other people making huge money on the internet especially in the USA. I then started getting the ‘shiny object syndrome’ going from one opportunity to another thinking ‘that one was going to be the one’ . 

The people I was buying from had no interest in helping me as all they wanted was my hard earned cash but I continued to learn about internet marketing and eventually about information publishing. People always want information and the more niched down you can go the better as I found out.

Eventually and unfortunately my marriage ended due to different things including jealousy and I moved out and started a 4 week period of going out six nights a week clubbing and slipping back into shameful old habits plus procrastination on the business but it was at this time I met my future wife.

Things were pretty intense from the start as we were very similar in nature. With things pretty much starting all over again -jealousy on my part, drinking, arguments and more procrastination. We bought a flat and moved in together and over the years things improved. 

The anger and jealousy went, the drinking stopped, the arguments decreased significantly, I came back to the Lord (again) and my wife came to know the Lord as well. We started attending the church where I had gotten baptised. We got married there and are now worship leaders there as well.

Fortunately over the years, there has always been a driving force to be my own boss and to work online. The last seven years I’ve been able to get out of the procrastination, have had coaching myself to remove blocks of Imposter Syndrome, lack of self confidence and self doubt. 

I decided to train as a coach so I could help Christian business owners be the best version of themselves for the Kingdom.  I coach people who can’t reach for anything new while their hands are full of yesterdays junk. 

My confidence level has hugely increased due to becoming an internationally  accredited Coaching Master and I am back into the whole affiliate marketing and Information Publishing businesses. There is so much more in-between-stories I could talk about but it would take too long here.

But things are changing the whole time  in physical business and online and you can never be sure if your 9 – 5  job is secure. Maybe you’re over 40 and are looking for something to supplement your present income, to put in your pension pot or to leave a legacy with.

You’re not sure whether you can do it.

You don’t know where to start.

If any of what I have said here resonates with you, or you would like just an informal chat then please feel free to reach out to me to see how I can help you.

To your success and God bless!

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