Helping Christian online business owners create success, a positive mindset & lifestyle

Let me ask you a question – “what do you want your life to look like?” or more importantly “what DON’T you want your life to look like?”

You want to start an online business but don’t know how…
You’ve already started one but aren’t seeing the results you hoped for…
Your relationship with God feels stagnant or you feel like you’re not growing spiritually…
You feel like you’ve been praying about the same issues forever, but nothing seems to change…
You feel “stuck” in your life or don’t feel like you’re living your God-given purpose…
You’re not sure what your vocation is…
You find platonic and/or romantic relationships “complicated…”
You have unresolved traumas from the past that trigger strong emotional reactions…
You struggle with low self-worth at times…
You feel disconnected from your family & friends…
You know it’s time to make yourself a priority but you don’t know where to start…

Regularly feeling tired, lethargic, lazy, uninspired or unmotivated?
Feeling lost and in search of something, but don’t know what it is?
Telling yourself you are OK, but deep down you know you’re not?
Trying to process multiple thoughts at once and unable to focus on the task at hand?
Not enjoying your career path and yearn for change, but don’t know how?
Asking yourself, “Is this it?” and don’t see anything changing…
Having thoughts you shouldn’t be as a Christian…

Achieved everything you set out to do and still don’t feel content and satisfied?
Noticed becoming overly self – critical and regularly question your actions?
Got frustrated or angry with yourself and others?
Felt less confident and suffered from unhelpful thoughts?
Become hesitant and less productive?
Questioned why?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions…


You have just taken the first step to change.
I have been there, confused with no direction desperately trying to justify past decisions and validate where I wanted to be.

Together we can unlock the potential in you and create the change and shift needed for you to achieve your goals and ambitions and make your dreams a reality.

You and I will work together via 1:1 private coaching sessions.

Our sessions are done entirely online, so I can work with clients literally all over the world!

We will have a clear understanding of what will be covered before each session.
Each coaching session will be highly-customized and based on your unique needs.

○ Create a vision of your goals in your personal life and career.
○ Grow personally and professionally by learning new skills.
○ Set clear goals and outcomes.
○ Create personal action plans that take into account your commitments.
○ Discover what values and beliefs drive and motivate you.
○ Discover your limiting beliefs and fears and learn to challenge them.
○ Let go of what is holding you back.
○ Create changes in your health and fitness that are sustained and consistent.
○ Reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Let me assist you get where you want to be.

Why Work with Me?

I’ve been in the information publishing business since the late 90’s and have sold many licenses and products both physical and digital. 

When I first started there was no internet like there is today and certainly no digital products that could be downloaded. Every thing was done by buying a license, then creating ring binders with printed material, CDs, videos and then DVDs.

Advertising was done by sending out mailshots to lists that were interested in my niche. The customer would then come to my website where they could purchase the course. A fulfilment house would then send the physical product to the customer.

Since 2007, I have created and released products in various niches from health to social media, from using PLR to building websites.

I offer a variety of online business, life and mindset coaching sessions that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your life goals and unlock your full potential as an online business owner.

If you are looking to start your own online info publishing business or need coaching on how to increase your income from selling digital products, then I can help.

As a mindset coach committed to my faith, we will ask the Holy Spirit to work with us to combine our faith and inner healing so you can begin to heal and break free from any barriers that may be holding you back.

My job as a mindset coach is NOT primarily to mentor, consult, teach, offer therapy or advice BUT to ask Spirit led, powerful questions as part of a coaching conversation that will allow you to change in a way you wish and to go in the direction you want and to produce the results you want in personal, business or work life. Also what works for others may not work for you as it comes down to work ethics as well.

Christian Coaching Dorset


Christian Coaching Dorset


Christian Coaching Dorset


-A welcome packet and questionnaire
-1:1 customized coaching
-1 to 3 specific issues addressed (based on package selection)
-A clear plan of what we will cover based on your specific needs
-Specific and actionable tasks to be completed after each session
-Accountability: having someone completely committed to your success and uninterested in your excuses who can catapult you forward
-Uncover blocks and transform limiting beliefs
-A clear road map to success
-A committed coach fully invested in seeing you succeed
-Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

Coaching is very effective because it is all about you. Each bespoke coaching session will evolve to set and achieve your personal goals.
You are empowered to analyse your life and discover what you really want.
You take responsibility and become accountable for focusing on who you are, what you want and finding solutions to create the growth and development that you want.

You want to gain crystal clarity by understanding where you currently are and what you ultimately want so that we can bridge the gap in-between…
You want to identify the unconscious beliefs and behaviors so that you can pattern interrupt and powerfully make choices that are in alignment with your vision…
You want to understand the clever tricks that your mind devises to keep you safe and small so that you can uncover and remove the hidden blocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals…
You want to develop positive mindset shifts and learn practical tools so that you can use to transform your limiting beliefs…
You want tor create clearly defined goals so that you have a road map for success…
Your deepest desire is to go after the life God has for you in the most intuitive way… 

…then Coaching is right for you!


What is a Discovery Session?

This fully immersive and interactive experience lasts between 45 minutes and one hour.
This no-obligation consultation allows us to find out about each other.
We will identify, explore and understand key areas of your life including your current challenges, goals, desires and aspirations for the future.

It is important we work well together, and that you are confident that I am the right coach for you, and that I am happy you will benefit from my coaching expertise.
Once this is established, we can discuss the next steps of your coaching journey to achieving positive changes in your life.

All calls will be done using ZOOM or Facebook Messenger.
Please use the Discovery Call calender below to book a date and time and state which you would prefer to use on our call.

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